Posting in Malaysia against Sai Baba

This excellent post was found on a Malaysian wordpress site

April 26th, 2011 at 12:00 PM · मुख फर्काउनुस्

There are a lot of guys who say that he may not be a god or an avatar, but he did lots of humanitarian work. He has opened lots of schools, hospitals, water projects, etc.
They may be perfectly right … and they may be wrong. Let me tell you why:
1) No one (even the state government of Andhra Pradesh) knows how much satya sai trust foundations is actually worth. They say it may go more than 1-2 billions of dollars. Their financial transactions have never been audited. What about the millions and millions of donations that they receive? Is it black money or white? What are the sources of income? Until the satya sai trust is willing to be transparent with their financial details, I will never believe they are clean.
2) With an unclear source of income, massive following of people who believe in satya sai with their lives, and virtually all the political powerhouses in their pockets, there are hardly a few guys who can
raise a voice against them. There have been lots of cases reported against him, but all were suppressed. Check these links out:
They are powerful – and as it happens mostly: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
3) And for those who strictly see him NOT as god, but respect him for his social work, what about this – If he is a fraud (meaning he is not a reincarnation) and has misguided lacs and lacs of people, accepted milllions and millions of donation as a result, will he be deemed good if he opens hospitals and schools? If he is a fraud, he has committed a crime of very big magnitude. If opening schools and hospitals justifies the crime, I have nothing to say. Do all the crimes, and then open hosptials! nice way to purify the sins!
4) If we don’t understand something, we categorize it as god or evil. Same used to happen with diseases like malaria, plagues, and with scores of mental disorders. At that time there was absolute no way to understand them – deeming those phenomena as work of higher spirits looked so easy and tempting. Now we know we were wrong – dead wrong. Are we doing the same mistake again?

मन परे हरियो, नपरे रातो


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