Robert Priddy’s articles on spirituality & non-theism

Robert C. Priddy has a background of many decades in the study of philosophy, human sciences (especially sociology, psychology)  and in the investigation of religion and spirituality in numerous forms. His writings range across many subjects, not least the philosophy of science and the critique of religion, sects and cults. Some of these important to understanding non-theism and the reasons for its validity are as follows:

What comes first: matter or mind?

How Does the Brain Create God – and in which ways?

How your brain creates God (i.e. subjective ‘realities’)

Evolving intelligence – starting point for human understanding

Light on the Cartesian dichotomy – evolution & neuroscience

A brief history of our progress out of ignorance

What makes it all go round?

Avoiding leaps of faith into conclusions

Stemming the flow of uninformed beliefs and superstitious misinformation

Mystical and religious explanations being crowded out

Advaita – historical flight into abstraction and speculation

Otherworldliness and futile escapism

The ultimate brand name: God


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