Sai Baba sex abuse testimony in revealing detail

The account given on US TV by Ullrich Zimmermann is devastating to the credibility of all denials that Sathya Sai Baba is innocent of sexual abuse. The most revealing part is shown her in transcript. Here below are links to comments on some of the most revealing parts out of his very thorough testimony.

The ‘spiritual honeymoon’ period
The unavoidable need to explain Sai Baba’s sexual approaches
Is reduced sex interest caused by Sai Baba’s ‘genital oiling’ and sexual contacts?
The question of ‘spiritual energies’ white or black
‘Tantric sex’ practices?
Sai Baba’s dual sexuality?
Indoctrination, self-programming and ‘projection’
Sai Baba’s ability to influence his devotees’ perceptions
Effects of deep yearning, concentration, deprivations, sleep paralysis, drugs etc.
The ‘well-prepared’ interview rooms
Oiling with psychoactive substances?
Sai Baba’s intuition and knowingness
Why such great secrecy if not to cover-up deception?
Sai Baba’s frequent lies and fraudulence

With a complete lack of reasonable comment to show that he has any cogent reason to doubt the entirely independent testimony Ullrich Zimmermann, the Sathya Sai front-line defender on the Internet, Gerald Moreno, claims about this impressive evidence that Zimmerman was “drunk”. This he based on the fact that some wine was taken – and, as stated, only in a ceremonial fashion – during these long discussions. Yet Zimmermann shows no sign whatever of inebriation or imbibing during the interviews… So Moreno is yet again shown to be a fanatic who tries to twist, mislead, decoy, misrepresent  and hope to destroy the credibility and character of anyone who bravekly stands forth to tell the truth about their experiences with Sathya Sai Baba.

Moreno had his own sexual molestation incident with Sai Baba, which can be seen in the above context as ‘grooming’ for sex. He denies there was anything sexual about being oiled on his “lower stomach” while also admitting being confused and sexually inhibited afterwards by his own explanation. Yet he defended Sai Baba for some years while actually believing him to be a sexual abuser
Moreno also defends the convicted rapist and murderer
, Swami Premanand, who is serving a double life sentence for rape and murder! This surely says much about his values and motives.

The public should be well aware that Gerald Moreno has for many years attacked and libeles allserious  critics of Sai Baba in devious ways regardless of known facts and whatever they have actually stated, while the main critics themselves rather stick to exposing – in the public interest –  documented facts about – and published statements by – a range of Sathya Sai Baba supporters, defenders and officials.

See Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization


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